E3 So Far – 2011

E3 So Far – 2011

Jun 8, 2011

Watching some of the coverage of E3 makes me laugh sometimes. Although the presentations have some great gaming tech and titles being displayed, the presenters always seem to come off as awkward and uncomfortable. Actually, the whole vibe of E3 seems awkward and uncomfortable. Maybe I’m projecting, but I look at those geeks up on stage and they really don’t look like they belong. Their body language screams that they would rather be anywhere but where they are now. Annnywho….

Presentations aside, the games being shown are looking very nice indeed. Knights of the Old Republic, DUST 514, Skyrim, Bioshock Infinite, and Deus Ex look to be ones that I will be keeping an eye one. Let’s go through some of the things that stuck to this old brain of mine.

Knights of the Old Republic, the upcoming MMO from Bioware released yet another awesome trailer that features more CGI goodness. Can I appeal…yet again…to the powers that be, to please, please start work on a CGI Star Wars movie. I don’t care what it takes, just get it done. Kidnap Lucas and put place him in the Amazon if he’s giving you trouble. Goodness gracious. The three trailers that have been shown to date are better than Episodes 1-3. I know, that’s really not saying much. As I’ve mentioned on Commonsensegamer.com, KOTOR is still worrying me in terms of how they will ultimately execute the game and make it stick. Will I play it? Absolutely! I just can’t shake this feeling that it will not be a game one plays for the long haul…regardless of the license it is using.

Nintendo, it seems, is still being Nintendo. The word “Mario” is being used a lot it seems. Nintendo really, really needs to let Mario go and start to think outside of that box. A big “meh” for Nintendo so far as they continue to try to get blood from a stone and leverage the gimmicky 3DS.

Sony. Sony’s big announcement seems to be the Vita. I don’t really care to tell you the truth and I’m not being cynical here, and I’ll tell you why. Smartphones are the new handheld gaming system, and Apple and Google are much better at it than Sony is at the moment. Seriously, how many devices is one person expected to have on his or her person at one time? Convergence has always been the key here and Sony seems to be betting on a dinosaur while the world continually moves towards iPhone and Android based systems. Look for this to either bomb or be the absolute last time Sony makes a game dedicated handheld.

Microsoft. They surprisingly impressed me with their aggressiveness on the Kinect and Xbox360 integration. Seems like they are betting on this peripheral in a very big way…and by that I mean that we need to start betting that most games will start to need this technology. Not only that, the whole XBox360 experience is going to use the Kinect in some way. When I first saw this thing, I immediately thought “gimmick”. Although the cynic in me still thinks that, the optimist in me is starting to think that maybe they can pull this off. One of the big reasons why I think they can is because the 360 is also starting to focus more on its media center capabilities, specifically streaming TV. The big push on the internet today, is “Over The Top” (OTT) services like Hulu and Netflix. If Microsoft can position the 360/Kinect experience to be “go to” platform for OTT, them I think it will be game, set, and match for Microsoft. People will come and stay for the OTT services like Netflix, but will also stay for the gaming experience. Oh…also look for Microsoft to get into OTT as well, further proving the point that traditional Telco and Cable services are hosed ;)

That’s it for now. More later as I continue watching the feed.

D out.

  • ScytheNoire June 8, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    The Old Republic does have most MMO gamers and geeks all excited, but I think almost all are very worried too. Is BioWare just trying to copy Blizzard too much? Will it be too much story? Will the older style class system work? Is there enough innovation there? Or will it still feel like the same old MMO based on the old EQ formula? TOR has huge potential, but until those first six months go by after release, there will be a lot of unanswered questions. I’m cautiously optimistic, but keeping my eye on other MMO’s like The Secret World and Guild Wars 2.

    Nintendo announced their “new” console without even having a console. They just have a controller. All the game demo’s were of games on other systems. How they plan to have this out within a year is beyond me. It’s a fancy controller, but beyond that, boring. I’m sure Sega is screaming “we had a display in our controller ten years ago!”

    Sony’s Vita is a gamble, especially in a market dominated by Nintendo. If Sony doesn’t mess up and bog it down with DRM, it stands a chance. It’s not a phone, just a dedicated handheld gaming device, but it will all depend on what games come out on it. The hardware is beautiful, but teaming with AT&T and the games they showed don’t have me jumping to buy it.

    Microsoft was the joke of the show. Kinect everything! Really? This is their plan, to make us look like idiots in our living room? I didn’t want it with the Wii, and don’t want it with the Xbox. More integration with outside apps is great, it’s what they need to do. They media plan is great, but they lost a lot of hardcore gamer love with all the Kinect crap.

    As for Dust 514, I think it’s going to fail very hard. CCP made a cash grab from Sony making it PS3 exclusive, for a game world that has it’s fanbase on the PC, and the PC being where online FPS games are done best. Within a year Dust 514 will end up on the PC so it can gain a real audience. It will probably even be F2P and have more integration with EVE. But it doesn’t belong on the PS3, and especially not as an exclusive.

    Game of the show for me so far, Skyrim. Holy crap does it ever look beautiful. And I think about how much I got lost in the world of Oblivion, I can’t wait. Plus it’s suppose to come out in 2011, unlike most games shown which are slated for 2012.